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HOME INSPECTION UP TO 1300 sq ft. $400.00

HOME INSPECTION (1301 - 2300) sq ft. $450.00

HOME INSPECTION (2301 - 3100) sq ft. $500.00

HOMES INSPECTION (3100-3700) sq ft. $550.00 

Duplex & Guest Home Fee $250.00 (additional)

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Columbia Basin Home Inspections, LLC 
Serving: Moses Lake and the Surrounding Communities 
State of Washington Professional Inspector  Lic. # 1376 
Todd Haring 
Phone (509) 765-9014 


​1. What does your inspection cover? 

Our comprehensive home inspection includes visual evaluation of nearly 400 different items.  The visual inspection will provide a solid foundation of knowledge about the home, it's components and systems.  In addition to reporting any deficiencies or potential failures, our home inspector will include maintenance tips and other information to help you protect your investment.  The inspector will ensure that their inspection and inspection report meets or exceeds all applicable requirements for Washington State Home Inspector's Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.  

2.  Do you offer to do repairs or improvements based on the inspection? 

Some inspector associations and state regulations allow the inspector to perform repair work on problems uncovered in the inspection.  Washington State strictly forbids this as a conflict of interest.  Washington Licensed Home Inspectors cannot perform any repairs on a inspected property for one year. 

3. How long will the inspection take? 

The simple answer, "As Long as It Takes!"  The average on-site inspection time for a single inspector is 1 ½ to 4 hours depending on the condition and size of the property. Anything significantly less may not be enough time to perform a thorough inspection. Additional inspectors may be brought in for very large properties and buildings.

4. Do you participate in continuing education programs to keep your expertise up to date? 

One can never know it all, and our commitment to continuing education is a good measure of our professionalism and service to the consumer.  Columbia Basin Home Inspections conducts monthly continuing education through nationally accredited and online and certification courses.  This far exceeds State Requirements.  Washington State requires Licensed Home Inspectors to complete 25 hours of continuing education per year.  

5. What type of inspection report do you provide and how long will it take to receive the report? 

We provide a Master Check List report with photos and an easy to read Narrative Summary.  Our reports will be provided in full within 24 hours of paid inspection.  Same Day reports are Normal. 

6. Will I be able to attend the inspection? 

This is a valuable educational opportunity, and an inspector's refusal to allow this should raise a red flag. Never pass up this opportunity to see your prospective home through the eyes of an expert.  

7. Do you maintain membership in a professional home inspector association? 

There are many state and national associations for home inspectors. We are members of (AHIT) American Home Inspectors Training Association.  We are members of (interNACHI) International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

8. How much will it cost? 

Costs vary depending on the level and type of inspection, the property floor area, property geographical location and additional services requested.  A typical range might be between $375 to $700 on average, and considered a "must have" by realtors!  A professional home inspection is your best tool when it comes to Protecting Your American Dream!